Legacy of Luxury

Classic living room with a white sofa, billiards table, ornate chandelier, and framed artwork, with sunlight streaming in through window shutters, red hue.

Alhambra's finest space, a private residence

Not long after health tourism launched on Lošinj
in 1885, the island was declared a health resort and quickly blossomed as the chosen destination of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. Numerous lavish villas sprouted along Lošinj’s coast, mostly decorating Čikat Bay. The regal realm of Čikat Bay still attracts today’s affluent travelers, ensuring a tranquil base to explore the enchanting island and reap the benefits of its curative sea air.

Amid Aleppo pine forests and botanical gardens, each of our five villas offers an unmatched seaside experience, marrying contemporary luxury with Old World charm. Guests are invited to uncover the island's traditions with modern luxuries, strongly emphasizing wellness and integrating nature's restorative power into each architectural masterpiece.

Villa guests enjoy exclusive and unlimited access to Alhambra’s amenities and more, including housekeeping, its 1* Michelin restaurant Alfred Keller, award-winning Cube Spa, and private Les Clefs d'Or concierge services, as well as a 24-hour private chef and International Butler Academy butler services upon request. All villas are gated with 24-hour security video surveillance. A sanctuary of serenity and sophistication, our villas are ideal for groups of friends or families looking for a sense of serenity, peace, and calm.

List of Historic Villas