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The island's therapeutic landscape, abounding in aromatic herbs and invigorating sea air, invites visitors into an experience that naturally promotes wellbeing. Due to its mild climate and 1,200 plant species, Lošinj is among the botanically wealthiest islands in the Mediterranean.

Numerous European botanists have explored the flora of Lošinj since the end of the 18th century, and the research of local professor Ambroz Haračić brought the full splendor of this island's botanical paradise to light.

Over 900 species are native to the island and 230 aromatic plants and herbs are medicinal. Several exotic plant species were also brought to the island by famous Lošinj seafarers to decorate their blooming gardens.

Influenced by the proven healing qualities of Lošinj’s sea and air, our healing & wellness sanctuary invites guests to experience the revitalizing virtues of Lošinj. With an impressive 660 sqm spa, seawater pool, three treatment rooms, two saunas, and an ice alcove, Cube Spa offers an all-encompassing spa experience, fully immersed in the island’s extraordinary healing qualities.

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Uncover the layers of your wellbeing one revitalizing treatment at a time. 
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Our curative trove awaits.

Herbs of Lošinj Tea Ceremony

Čikat Bay was barren before Lošinj locals planted over 300,000 pine seedlings, changing its landscape and microclimate 130 years ago. Aleppo pines, cypresses, tamarisks, agaves, and other species now thrive in the area, and Čikat is a protected forest park today.

The forest is a curative trove of healing plants that are both good for our health and delicious. In our exclusive Herbs de Lošinj Tea Ceremony, shoots of pine and sage are picked at the right time and season for full potency, dried in the sea air, and then combined with local honey and Lošinj figs to deliver a refreshing ritual all guests will love.

Inhalation bar

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The Inhalation Bar is our contemporary interpretation of Old World cures, bringing you one-on-one with Lošinj’s healing essence. The tradition dates back to 1892 when the Kurkomission welcomed Aristocrats and travelers on a healing visit to the island. The most popular part of their visit was a stop at the KURHAUS to breathe in the Kur, featuring fine mists of seawater and medicinal aerosols.

Our Inhalation Bar has been reimagined for today’s travelers, offering the bygone ritual to Cube Spa guests as a way to inhale Lošinj’s medicinal plant aerosol mists. The Kurhaus Inhalation Bar is complimentary and available for all guests during our spa opening hours.

Signature Treatment Herbs of Lošinj Four precious plants

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Unearth the proven healing qualities of Lošinj’s sea and air.

Lošinj’s most precious plants and locally distilled oils awaken all six senses in our signature Herbs de Lošinj treatment. Savor the flavors and fragrances of four house-cured herbal liquors. Untangle with a full body massage using essential Lošinj oils distilled by the hands of our spa therapists. Healing salt stones, herbal poultices, and an energetic traditional smoke smudging complete this botanical masterpiece. 

Spa & wellness amenities


  • Heated indoor seawater swimming pool 
  • 3 treatment rooms 
  • Spa suite with a rasul chamber
  • Pedicure room & manicure station  
  • Deluxe wet area 
  • Finnish sauna 
  • Mediterranean bath  
  • Water paradise with 4 different showers 
  • Experience showers 
  • Tepidarium-like heated benches 
  • Ice fountain 
  • Fully-equipped gym 

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Embark on a journey of wellness discovery.